Something about Her

The thought of her is never force down on to paper.

She is the romantic period in this 21st century.

She is suitable like honey is to tea.

A whiff of her spirit is of the finest fragrance: Soft and alluring.

The aesthetic of her being came into existence by the breath of God.

I am made for her.

And she is the perfect gift that stops me from looking any further

She’s everything she needs to be for me.

If she gives me a chance by letting me into her heart, I’ll pluck strings she never knew she had

Her eyes would reflect the blue skies and the brilliance of white clouds in heaven

Her skin would glow like the streets of pure gold

Her hair would shine like the harp in the angels hand

I want to be the reason you glow.

I whispered selah into her ears, but I’m not done

I give you my heart to search

In it, you’ll find  my devotion and faithfulness toward you

Would you back off, because what you discovered, does exist?

Would you tell me I’m too good to be true, and settle for what doesn’t match your love or speaks your love language?

I am the man who wants to master you. I want a doctoral  degree in you. I want to speak and love you fluently

You have my attention


3 thoughts on “Something about Her

  1. Shalanda says:

    I don’t know who you are .I hope and pray that the words that you write aren’t merely words to get a few oooh’s and ah’s from your followers. You have a way with words. You draw a person into whatever it is that you write about and once again I must say I feel as though when you write something as beautiful as this that your talking specifically to that special someone .You have me thinking that your talking straight to me. Who ever the lady is that captures your heart is going to be one lucky lady. God bless you M. Davis

    • Melvin Davis says:


      Thanks for reading my poem. I don’t consider myself a poet by a long shot. However, there are moments when I do feel poetic. I use poetry as a creative writing exercise. It helps with descriptions, imagery and using the right keywords to provoke emotions. I want to touch the spirit with words.

      I do write as if I’m speaking/writing to future wife. Perhaps that’s why it reads the way it does.

      God bless you as well.

      Thanks again for reading.

      Sorry for the late response 😉

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