One Person Could Change Your Life Forever

Love can change your plans of direction because it’s a part of your purpose.-Melvin Davis

During this season of your life, I urge you to seek God in all that you do. Pray and pray some more. Listen and stay in tuned to what’s around you, and the people you meet. I don’t believe in coincidences. I don’t believe in chance. God is the master chess player moving certain pieces in your life as he prepares you for the love of your life. Many of you, like myself,  are moving closer and closer into you purpose and plans that God has for you. Wise decisions are pivotal of you showing up at that right appointed time and place. And wherever God that place is, I believe there’s someone waiting to join you on this journey called life.  Love is something that will change your life forever, but you can meet one person who could make you give up on love. This is my prayer for you:

I pray whoever you’re seeing now that you pray for confirmation about the relationship

I pray that whatever God reveals to you about that person, He reveals it to them as well, so when you talk about a future together, you’re on the same page

I pray for you strength to accept God’s will.  Amen.

This is a prayer I’ve used in the past, and it worked every single time. I only pray this prayer when I see great potential in someone, otherwise, I don’t. God answers this prayer immediately because He  knows my heart is turn towards pleasing Him, and living a life totally surrendered in His God. I don’t think God has interest leaving you in the dark about someone. He’s eager to speak the truth to you about every aspect of your life.


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