Faith is a Real Thing!

There are great challenges the adversary will bring against you when your strength and faith is failing, or when you’re about to walk into something that you have been praying for. It’s a battle budded in a test with two possible outcomes: Victory or defeat. How the fight ends is contingent of what weapon you use or whose voice you’re listening when you’re pressed and pushed into a corner. Will you accept what your thoughts and the adversary are saying to you based on how life appears around you? Or would spend time reading the word of God to hear what the Spirit is saying concerning what God promised you? The weapon Christ used when He was tested in the wilderness is the same weapon that’s relevant and applicable today. Since God never changes, the adversary dares not to change. Repentance is something that’s forever foreign and far away from him, so he will do whatever it takes to kill what’s created to give life, joy and true abundance. And that’s your faith. You have a shield that’s in your hand to protect you, and a sword to fight back with. Your faith in God shields your heart from discouragement, hopelessness and from being content with less than. The sword, which is the word of God, is something you must strike against in your situation. You have to speak the word of God the same way Jesus spoken the word of His Father, to change your conditions. You have to shield yourself by staying in the word of God, and all eyes kept on God in the storm.

Faith isn’t a matter of positive thinking. It’s not positive psychology. Christ didn’t used neither in the wilderness. He used what He is, which is the word of God.

Faith has no power outside of the will of God, but when you are walking in God’s purpose. life happens. Life happens because there’s life inside the will of God. All things possible inside the will of God.


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