My Sabbatical from Social Media is Almost Over

Tomorrow marks the last day of my spiritual fast. I committed to a 21 day fast. From the time I wake up until 6 p.m., I go without food. It’s been challenging. I did eat the last two Sundays. The first Sunday I had dinner with a friend.  The last Sunday, i was led to eat–not by my flesh, but by the spirit.  Since fasting, of course I lost some weight and muscle mass. That was expected, but now I’m walking with a great sense of clarity, a higher level of spiritual discernment and my faith is getting stronger. 2015 is year to step out on faith. In other words, it’s time to walk on water.

Taking the limits off of your thinking is challenging–even when you have some relationship with God. I thought my relationship with God was strong. Apparently, it wasn’t.  A part of me was still operating with logic and in fear. Logic suggested not to start a business. I thought, and a few people  have suggested, that I needed to return to school to acquire such credentials that looks good on paper, but God has already qualified me. A mentor I met helped me realize that. I’m thankful for her. Her presence in my life is on time. I already have a degree that has equipped me to minister and the experience to do the will of God with power and authority.The proof is in how God’s uses me to help and heal others. Fear said if you make x, y, z decision, this could happen to you because of what I encountered in the past. I have some stories to tell, but at a later time. But the trauma from those faith building times gripped me with fear. I had to remember how God delivered and provided for me. You have to remember.

What is God asking you to do, but doesn’t make sense or stirs up fear? Without faith, it’s truly impossible to please God. It’s my prayer that trust God every step of the way. Yes, it’s a scary feeling, but you’ll never know what God has for you to perceive Him to be less than your circumstances.

This is a time act on what you study and who you believe in. The word of God is real, and so is the God you’re reading about and praying to.


2 thoughts on “My Sabbatical from Social Media is Almost Over

  1. Shalanda says:

    I really enjoyed reading your word today. So many people don’t believe that God is real and worthy to be praised. So they just assume to do their on thing , never once giving a thought to Our creator

    • Melvin Davis says:

      Thanks for this post Shalanda. I haven’t done much of any writing since my break, but I had to share this message.

      God’s plans must align with our plans. All else outside the will of God creates nothing about frustration and uncertainty.

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