A Perfect Model. Our High Priest

The adversary picks fights and tempts certain people according to God’s purpose and mission for their life. Christ purpose was to preach The Good News and to Redeem humanity from sin. The adversary fought and tempted Christ according to this information. Since Christ was God in the flesh, He could not sin, yet was tested, but NOT inwardly tempted to a point to consider turning a stone into bread, testing God or worshiping the adversary. Christ was tested in every way according to His purpose and He is able to empathize with you because He knows the adversary too well. He saw sin defined through the adversary and watched him fall from Heaven because thy art in Heaven. In the beginning was the Word, and the word is Christ, Christ was with God in the beginning. Christ was not tempted to deceive, kill, steal or destroy anyone. He was not tempted to abuse a woman, sexually abuse a child, sleep with a man or a woman. That is to say, He was not tempted in every way because He was born of the spirit. He did not seek love, financial stability, friends acceptance or fame. His only purpose was to serve God. Be thankful you have a High Priest who understands how you feel and what you’re going through. Praise God! #Matthew4 #Hebrew4


2 thoughts on “A Perfect Model. Our High Priest

  1. Shalanda says:

    Glory be to God. I thank him daily for dying for a sinner like me,I thank him for forgiving me for my sins, I thank him for being a God of love, I thank him for saving a sinner like me. God is so good and worthy to be praised. Always and forever

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