Cutting Soul-Ties: The Healing Factor

At the point of breaking a soul tie, is when you find out what you really feel for that person. It’s also a moment of going to God in honesty and asking him to sever the soul-tie.-Melvin Davis

A soul tie is like a having a guest who’s overstayed their welcome in your house. The house is your soul. The guest is the person who once had your heart. They moved on, but your attachment to them didn’t.  In the soul lie memories, experiences, events and moments that shaped who you are. It’s uncannily amazing of how years can pass from a breakup, yet there’s an emotional and spiritual connection lingering with the last person you were with It’s not a coincidence thoughts and feelings ride the waves of your mind like great white whales finning through the ocean. This isn’t good when you’re trying to move on and be open to the person God has for you. The soul-tie has needs to be cut.

The consequence of not letting go is that you introduce a part of you that hasn’t moved on to the new love interest. This isn’t far to the individual or you. A pattern I face in meeting women is that they haven’t moved on from their last relationship. Getting to know someone by counseling them isn’t always a great feeling. I’m not complaining here, because I have a heart for people. I love helping others. A lesson I learned years ago was to heal before pursuing someone else.

Another unfortunate effect of a soul-tie is that you hurt yourself. Stabbing you in the heart by what could’ve been bruises the spirit. Torment is reliving something over and over that you can’t change. This isn’t of God. You’re not the best you when you’re damaged emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.  Your personality can’t shine through the dark clouds of insecurities. Moodiness, sensitivity, depression, lack of joy and peace, presents an inconsistency in your character. One day, people see when you’re up. Another day, they see when you’re down you. These are some signs that you’re struggling with something. As caring as any person is, it’s difficult to love someone romantically with these preexisting conditions.

Holding on also delays meeting the person God has for you. God is of order. He never invites confusion into your life. We know He’s not the author of confusion. The adversary is. Two questions to ask yourself are what does this soul-tie profit you? Is it God telling you to hold on or is it you telling yourself to?

Now that God has revealed the truth to you, cut the soul-tie.


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