What You Don’t See

Ground your expectations of experiencing love in reality, and you will endure with patience and understanding, hardships that come with loving people.–Melvin Davis

Who you admire from afar, such as celebrities, people in power or of influence, others who have caught your eye on social media, characters you read in book or saw in a film, are often depicted in a perfect light. You’re attracted to the appearance of a person. What you see on the outside does enough justice for you to say, I’m interested” or I “envision” being with this person. Beauty or physical attraction to the eye isn’t wrong, however, that’s not the only premise you should base potential off.

The reality about relationships is that they aren’t perfect, because people aren’t. Relationships can get nasty, ugly and competitive, which ultimately depends on the individual’s relationship with Christ. You’re different person when you have on the mind of Christ. That’s another blog. Everyone is not in the “right” or “ideal” place in life, as they appear to be. It’s also true that you can arrive to your destination of success, have all the necessary tangibles for stability, yet there are emotional wounds beneath the surface. Perhaps there’s a pending conversation or feelings from your last relationship that needs to take place before you’re really an eligible candidate. Character flaws like arrogance, being unreliable, pride, ego, poor communication, rude behavior, and timidity are also traits some successful people have.  These are real current issues in a lot of people lives today. You may not see these shortcomings in a picture, dialogue exchange on social media, at the beginning stage of meeting a person, but they will eventually surface as you go beneath the layers.

It’s wise and fair to have an honest view about relationships before you commit to one. I understand that everyone wants to experience love and a healthy relationship. You can. I believe you will through Jesus Christ. It’s good to keep in mind that you should possess what you’re seeking and praying for in others. If you want someone in tip-top shape, it’s a great idea to look in the mirror. Making sure you’re eating healthy and exercising. If you want someone who can cook and clean, make sure you’re able to do the same. If you want someone who’s smart, it would be a great to posses some intellect of your own. I mentioned before, if you want someone who has a relationship with God, have one of your own. This is a short list of what I hear people expect from others. Having this mind draws a line of reality than fantasy.





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