The Purity of Love

I dip my entire being into the basin of the Lord’s presence

I wish not to touch you with unclean hands

Or look or think about you with unclean thoughts

Or speak foul language from an unclean tongue

I only want to be and speak the language of pure love

Everyday I see a bride when I look at you

Grace, virtue, love, nurture, forgiveness, faithfulness, kindness and Christ emanates from your eyes

In your eyes, I also see myself, and when you look at me, you see the reflection of your glamour. We are one

Let’s walk on top of the water as we keep our eyes on Christ

He can save and hold us together in any storm

Let’s travel together in heavenly places and behold our eternal resting place

I hold your hand tight as we journey into God’s handy-work, hoping we won’t depart  from each other once we get here

We bow before our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in worship, saying. “Holy is the Lamb.”

Tears form in our eyes as the glory of the Lord consumes us

“Holy is the Lamb. Lord we bless you. You are the Alpha and the Omega. Holy You are.


We return from our heavenly visit, holding each other tighter like never before

 Kissing each other more passionately than before

Our fingers grace across each other’s face, enjoying the look of our youth that will soon fade, but we are joyful, because we know, in our eternal resting place, we’ll have new faces

Thinking about our past disagreements and tantrums, they don’t measure up to the bigger picture

The picture was our wedding day. The day we committed to not be divided or subtracted by the hardships and challenges of life.

I love you, my love

Kneeled at our bed, I kiss her hand and she kisses my forehead

The night ends with a spiritual kiss on unclean lips


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