This Kind of Woman. This kind of Love

In our secret place, we hold hands, worshipping God in spirit and in truth

The oneness of our sacred union, the purity of our hearts and yielded spirits, makes it possible to experience God’s presence together

The love of God joins the love we have for each other, causing our spirits to cry in reverence

Words were not needed. Only the songs of our hearts

The sweet incense of God entered our secret place as we worshipped

We bow in the throne room, hearing the wings of angels

They hold glistening white garments

Heads still bowed, for the fear of the Lord is upon us

“Stand up,” said one angel of the Lord. “Fear not.”

Strength returning to our legs, our eyes beheld the glory of God’s servant

We put on our new garments with lifted hands of praise

Returning back to our home, our faces glow with glory of God and our eyes glimmer with fire

We lay, tracing each other lips. For neither of us could speak in this moment

I run my fingers through her hair. “Your beautiful,” I was finally able to utter

She smiles, standing to her feet, helping me up

Standing in the night outside, we behold the bright moon

Close and cozy, I kiss her cheek, then her soft lips

We didn’t have to say I love you in this moment

Our spirits spoke

I kneeled, kissed her hand and asked, “Will you marry me again?”

“Everyday, I would,” She rubbed my head.


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