What Kind of Woman Am I Attracted to? Pt I

“It ‘s a man’s responsibility to make sure his woman feels like the most beautiful woman in a room, even if she’s amongst other attractive women.”

Melvin Davis

Days ago I was asked the question, what kind of woman am I attracted to? My response, “I’ll start from the inside out. Finding some you’re physically attracted is the easy part, but finding compatibility is the challenge. What’s in a woman’s spirit, how she thinks, and what comes from her mouth could maintain or break my attraction to her. What’s inside the heart and spirit is equally important as the exterior.

I can’t ignore the person and the man that I am becoming in God. I know myself well enough to know what kind of woman I would or wouldn’t be attracted to. I gel well with people who are purpose driven, who have a hunger and desire to fulfill their dreams and who have a great relationship with God. I could bounce ideas of this person all day, and engage in great conversation, whether on or beneath the surface…

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