Something about Her

The thought of her is never force down on to paper.

She is the romantic period in this 21st century.

She is suitable like honey is to tea.

A whiff of her spirit is of the finest fragrance: Soft and alluring.

The aesthetic of her being came into existence by the breath of God.

I am made for her.

And she is the perfect gift that stops me from looking any further

She’s everything she needs to be for me.

If she gives me a chance by letting me into her heart, I’ll pluck strings she never knew she had

Her eyes would reflect the blue skies and the brilliance of white clouds in heaven

Her skin would glow like the streets of pure gold

Her hair would shine like the harp in the angels hand

I want to be the reason you glow.

I whispered selah into her ears, but I’m not done

I give you my heart to search

In it, you’ll find  my devotion and faithfulness toward you

Would you back off, because what you discovered, does exist?

Would you tell me I’m too good to be true, and settle for what doesn’t match your love or speaks your love language?

I am the man who wants to master you. I want a doctoral  degree in you. I want to speak and love you fluently

You have my attention


A Kingdom Minded Woman

She’s not persuaded by popular thought or trends

Her curves or her apparel don’t define her, nor the compliments of men

Her worth, her beauty, her definition and outlook of herself, rests on the foundation of the word and how God sees her

She is a reflection of her Creator, an expression of his love

She embodies the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit

I pray

Love is sown into the fabric her spirit, and draws you near-strengthening you like trees planted near rivers

Joy illuminates and sheds light into every corner of a man. Her presence is a must!

Her peace cocoons you, ushers you into a sanctuary of security. You’ll sleep well lying next to her. You can trust her

Patience is her grace and mercy towards you. She’s compassionate, and listens with understanding, but she is no fool. She’s not naïve. She senses the truth through gifts and honey-filled talk

Kindness and Gentleness is innate, a natural makeup of her femininity

Self-control protects her innocence, and keeps destructive words from rolling off her tongue

Life comes out of her.

I pray

A woman is truly a gift, one that I pray for

Prepare me oh God, in such a way that I am ready, that’ll be exactly what she’s praying for

Build a foundation in my life for her to feel safe and secure

Strengthen my walk and relationship with you that she may see a leader, bold and filled with confidence

I pray


The Red Rose that Stands Tall Amongst the Other’s

I’ll give my life for you because you are worth it

There isn’t a day that I go without thanking God for you: You were the greatest thing that ever happened to me

I’ll choose you over fame, wealth and all the splendors of life without giving it thought

I’m thankful to have you as my wife

I could still remember the look in your eyes when I kneeled and proposed to you

You tears brought tears of joy to my eyes. My heart, overwhelmed with warmth and love just like yours

I could still remember the day you walked down the aisle on sands bedded with white roses: It was as if you walked out of heaven with angels escorting you to me

Your hair and skin glowed, radiating with the spirit of God. I had to ask myself, is this same woman I met years ago?

 My fingers brush against her smooth skin as she lifts her head

I kiss her forehead, her lips and her hand

“I love when you read to me,” she said

“And I love spending quality time with you and making love to your mind and massaging your emotion

My face rests in the palm of her hand and I close my eyes, enjoying the rest of the evening the Red Rose that Stands Tall Amongst the Other’s



Been Here Before

He let go of her so that his heart could find and embrace someone else

Call it déjà vu, if you want, but what is life trying to teach him here?

Unlike before, his emotions are under wrap and he’s thinking clear-headed

He can’t repeat the mistakes of his youth: No more falling in love. No more falling into uncertainty

Yet again he’s face with the same risk: invest in a friendship that could lead to

heartbreak or that could lead to nothing more than a friendship or that could lead to

nothing at all if he can’t accept the inevitable

He proceeds with great caution: Not giving the situation much thought

He proceeds with great skepticism: Not giving the situation much feeling

What he knows for sure that it is a test: Same scenario but different person

He keeps his ears open and his eye keen on the story as it unfolds

He prays for an understanding  for the reason for their acquaintance

Why the same scenario but a different person?

Is God testing him to see if he’ll put his desire first over Him like He did before?

What if he passes the test—then what?


Waiting for Love

Sometimes I wonder if I would experience the things I write about

My musing about love is always done out of an act of love—never out of a place of anything less: they are the mediations of my heart and reflections of my desires

Five years of walking on a path of singleness—met some people here and there. but none were meant to have a permanent place in my life

This scenario looks so familiar to me: Her response to my approach, her tone of voice and subtle elusiveness in conversation.

Not investing much emotion into it to protect myself

Not giving much thought it

Not praying about it much

I’ve been there before

I know she is special but I look to God for guidance and direction

You order all the steps in my life—including love

I won’t commit to the pursuit of love until you give me the green light, Until I have your approval

But am I being tested?

Until then, I will continue to wait.

I will continue to be patient

I will continue to put my trust in You