Something about Her

The thought of her is never force down on to paper.

She is the romantic period in this 21st century.

She is suitable like honey is to tea.

A whiff of her spirit is of the finest fragrance: Soft and alluring.

The aesthetic of her being came into existence by the breath of God.

I am made for her.

And she is the perfect gift that stops me from looking any further

She’s everything she needs to be for me.

If she gives me a chance by letting me into her heart, I’ll pluck strings she never knew she had

Her eyes would reflect the blue skies and the brilliance of white clouds in heaven

Her skin would glow like the streets of pure gold

Her hair would shine like the harp in the angels hand

I want to be the reason you glow.

I whispered selah into her ears, but I’m not done

I give you my heart to search

In it, you’ll find  my devotion and faithfulness toward you

Would you back off, because what you discovered, does exist?

Would you tell me I’m too good to be true, and settle for what doesn’t match your love or speaks your love language?

I am the man who wants to master you. I want a doctoral  degree in you. I want to speak and love you fluently

You have my attention


A Kingdom Minded Woman

She’s not persuaded by popular thought or trends

Her curves or her apparel don’t define her, nor the compliments of men

Her worth, her beauty, her definition and outlook of herself, rests on the foundation of the word and how God sees her

She is a reflection of her Creator, an expression of his love

She embodies the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit

I pray

Love is sown into the fabric her spirit, and draws you near-strengthening you like trees planted near rivers

Joy illuminates and sheds light into every corner of a man. Her presence is a must!

Her peace cocoons you, ushers you into a sanctuary of security. You’ll sleep well lying next to her. You can trust her

Patience is her grace and mercy towards you. She’s compassionate, and listens with understanding, but she is no fool. She’s not naïve. She senses the truth through gifts and honey-filled talk

Kindness and Gentleness is innate, a natural makeup of her femininity

Self-control protects her innocence, and keeps destructive words from rolling off her tongue

Life comes out of her.

I pray

A woman is truly a gift, one that I pray for

Prepare me oh God, in such a way that I am ready, that’ll be exactly what she’s praying for

Build a foundation in my life for her to feel safe and secure

Strengthen my walk and relationship with you that she may see a leader, bold and filled with confidence

I pray


Bringing My Dreams into Fruition, the release of my novel, Love Again

Thanks to all who have liked my FB page: All of my quotes and blogs will be posted on that page for now on. Also, in the upcoming weeks, I’m launching a budget on Kickstarter for the release of my novel Love Again, since I’m self-publishing. Hiring a professional copyeditor (maybe a developmental editor too), and a proofreader will be critical in producing quality work. I want my work to reflect the success I see, and I want you all to receive nothing but the best. The budget will also building a building a website, marketing and advertising materials. A professional photographer and a graphic designer will come in handy in designing my book cover and business cards. I want my website to reflect one of superb quality, and one that communicates the brand I’m trying to articulate. I need your support in fulfilling my vision. I will keep you posted. Thanks for your help.


Two Things Women Love

A woman loves a man who actually listens to her and cares about her. But before I elaborate on that point in the next paragraph, let’s give a working definition of what listening and caring means To listen is to be attentive of what and how something is being said and to apply what’s being said. Apply means to react, respond or take a point or a suggestion into consideration. To care is to be emphatic, sensitive, letting the other person know that they matter

A woman loves a man who’s a great listener and who cares about what she has to say and how she feels because its lets her know that you’re in tuned and paying attention to her. Part of the reason women walk away from men is because they fail to listen. Something that seems so small and insignificant could be the very reason a relationship crumbles or why men blow a chance before they could even have one. A lack of attentiveness sends a sign to a woman who you’re insensitive and self-centered. If she comes to the conclusion that everything is about you, then she thinks you are probably better off by yourself.

What listening and caring does is move you closer into a woman’s heart, making her feel like you are one with her instead of a man who’s just taking up space in her life. It shows her you can be a friend and lover. She’s not looking for a vegetable, but a relationship. Listening and caring also opens a door to experience a deeper level of intimacy with her and I’m not just talking about making love but I’m eluding to experiencing a more caring and love side of her that she wants to feel safe, confident and comfortable to do.

Something simple as listening and caring can take you a long way. It could lead into a marriage and a successful one at that.


The Inspiration Behind My Novel, Poems, Quotes and Blogs. My Love Life and The Other Stuff in Between, Pt. II

I’m often asked the question, what’s the inspiration behind my blogs, quotes and poems? Reader’s inbox me on Facebook wondering I’m going through something, like a breakup or heartbreak. Or, who’s the special woman I’m writing about. I usually reference in my work, if I’m writing about a particular person. For example, most of the stuff you read in 2011, maybe leading up to the beginning of 2012 was inspired by a woman I was in love. She inspired my first novel, Love Again, which is being read by a friend before I submit it to literary agents. She also inspired my very first poem called This is What You Do to Me and a few others. I was still in love with her during that time and getting out all the thoughts and feelings I had of her was necessary for me to move on. I’ve always journal about experiences ever since grade school lol. I don’t know if I were dating back then or whatever you want to call it LOL.  Other works are simply inspired by how I would treat the woman God will bless me with. Some works are messages that just come to my head without me thinking about it or reflecting on some past experiences. Then after I read the comments and feedback that I get, I see it was God giving me a message to give to someone else. Other times I’m just giving advice.

As a blogger, I’m subjected to the questions about my personal life because I’m open about some aspects of my love life. The things I share, I wouldn’t mind speaking about it publicly. When I started blogging and posting quotes, I was extremely conscious about how readers would interpret or misinterpret my work or if someone thought I was talking about them. Or worse, how’d be judged. Well,  I can’t control how a person perceives what I write about and if someone judges me or thinks I was talking about them without addressing it to me so the matter could be clarified, there’s nothing I could do about that. 90 % of my work isn’t inspired by someone  About 10% was inspired by the woman I referenced above.

Stay tuned for pt. III. I’ talk briefly about my love life because I don’t have one, and the other stuff in between.


The Inspiration Behind My Novel, Quotes and Blogs. My Love Life and The Other Stuff in Between, Pt. I

If someone were to ask me in an interview what inspired me to write my novel, I couldn’t hold back. A candid and forthright answer is all I could offer. I am pretty much an open and transparent kind of guy. Last weekend a pastor, who I’ve never met or talked to until last Sunday, told me that I wear my heart on my sleeve. In a way, he’s right. In the context of a relationship or friendship, hen it comes to someone I’m interested in, I am like an open book. There’s nothing about me I want to hide or hold back. I want her to see strengths and weakness. Honest and transparent is a part of who I am.  I want her to see all of me so she could love that person instead of what she imagines me to be. Anyhow, I would tell people in an interview that Love Again was partly inspired by a woman I met and fell in love with in 2010.  I never felt so much pain and abandonment during that time. However, in retrospect, that experience served its purpose: I ultimately began writing the novel toward the end of August 2011 and completed it December, in the same year. I finished with a total of 465 pages.  I wrote so frivolously because of the heartbreak but also because of my newfound passion and purpose in creative writing.

Come back for pt. II.  I want to talk about the inspiration behind my quotes and blogs and the other stuff in between.


The Workings of a Happy Woman: Keeping a Smile on Her Face. Be Present Pt. II

Apathy is one way to lose a woman’s interest, for another man to take her heart. —Melvin Davis

We often underestimate how important presence is in a relationship. It’s something that will determine the success and failure of it. And I believe it’s important for a man to know another way to be present with his woman other than physically. Emotional presence is what I want to explore in this blog. If you read part one of The Workings of a Happy Woman, I touched on an intimate moment such as foot washing. Foot washing is one way to relieve a woman from stress after a long day of work and to stir her loving. It’s also a way to engage her in conversation, this emotional presence.

Picking up where I left off in part one, after you’re done washing her feet, the next necessary course of action is to talk to her while you’re massaging and kissing her legs softly. Here, you can journey into the inner parts of her mind to find out how she’s feeling about life, you and the relationship, her job, the future, things she wanted to talk about with you but hadn’t had the chance too, and all other things that are pertinent to her. Empathy and sympathy is, in my opinion, the key to emotional presence.

Empathy is something I believe all women yearn for from a man. Empathy lets a woman know you have the ability to understand her as she confides in you. Understanding allows you to get under the sheet of her emotions so that when you make love to her, she’ll be engaged in mind, body and soul—thus making the climatic moment a memorable one. However, one thing that will definitely turn a woman off is a man’s inability to sympathize with her. When you fail to listen to her as she shares the matters of heart with you, or just in simple conversation—is that it’s going to send signal to her the you lack interest, care and concern. If you want another man to take your woman from you or lose interest in you, this is the way to go. Compassion will take you a long way.

As you continue to massage and kiss her legs, her thighs deserve the same attention. Stay tuned for part III.