The Art of Faithfulness and Gratitude Towards a Woman

There’s something about waiting that builds the anticipation of what’s to come. If you find a great woman, never let her go. –Melvin Davis


At 33, I move at a slower pace when it comes to getting to know a woman. I move like the tortious because my mind-set on the long run with her. With patience, you see many things you rather see now later. I take my time to pick apart her brain, to page through her spirit, and to take in the beauty of her personality like my favorite dish, to see if this the woman I would enjoy spending the rest of my life with. Patience is the best place you could be in. As mature in my spirit, I look to see what’s in a woman’s spirit. There’s beauty and art there. There are a many experiences that lends to how she think. And in her soul is the wonders her mystery.

It’s amazing to see the gems of a woman through her eyes, the feel the power of her presence when you’re in he presence.  Experiencing a connection like this is hard to find, but worth wait. When I look around and see couples well into their elder years, appearing to enjoy each other like that they first met, inside in my mind, I say, that’s what I want. Thank you God. I give thanks in advance because I know I’m going to experience what they have.

The wait makes me want to be faithful before I find my wife. When browse back at the experiences I’ve had, like failures and past mistakes, I’m thankful that I made them. I’m a different man now. I’m enjoying who I am becoming. I’ve taken my failures and manufactured them to fit the wisdom and knowledge God has endowed me with. I’m glad that I failed in the past. I have the opportunity to proceed forth in courting a woman the right way.

Gratitude is another thought that comes to mind as I anticipate the future. I’ve said this several times, and every now and then, if a conversation warrants it: A woman is one of God’s greatest gifts to man. Yes, her emotions and mood fluctuates. You may see snow in her summer or fall in her spirit. However, I don’t care how interchanging or indecisive she could be, I’d still love her despite unforeseen hail and blizzards. A woman balances a man. She is the equilibrium of his masculinity. A man needs a strong woman who has a soft, feminine touch to make him feel like a man, and vice versa.

The ability and desire to be faithful to a woman should happen before you meet her. I know its ideal to say, “When I find that woman, I’m going to be faithful to her.” Why not be faithful now? I’m sure you’re asking, How’s that possible? How can I be faithful now and I haven’t met her. Here’s how.

In your singleness, God is building particular foundations and characteristic traits in your life to succeed in your purpose. That’s the higher calling on your life. These foundations and characteristics traits are also applicable to the sacred marriage that’s waiting for you. While your being single, God is sending tests your way to see if you’ll remain faithful to Him when you much or when you have nothing. He’ll test you by pushing out into a platform where thousands of women are throwing themselves at you. He’s checking the pulse of your discipline to see how you’re gong to respond to the attention. The attention will still be there when that special woman comes. How are you going to react? Would give into what you can have without effort? Or would be faithful to the queen He’s given you?

In your singleness, God is destroying the old man to create a new man within you. This man is going to value and appreciate the woman He has for you. He’s making you wait so you can cherish and love her. If you look back, you’ll see He allowed you to get cheated, to be misled or go through some stress experience, so you’ll have the ability and develop the desire to be faithful, and so your heart can be filled with gratitude toward her.

Single men, I want you to get excited. Let your hearts fill with joy. I am. Your wife is drawing near as you seek. She’s going to be an attractive, spirit-filled woman.  You’re going to have the desire to wake up every morning with the intention to put a smile on her face every day. You’re going to anticipate spending every second and minute, hour and day, week and years with her. And although you may have some disagreements with her, you’re going to want to talk things out. After all, she the one of a kind that’s hard to find, and plus, she’s your best friend. Best friends are also hard to find.

Your greater is on the way.



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A Kingdom Minded Woman

She’s not persuaded by popular thought or trends

Her curves or her apparel don’t define her, nor the compliments of men

Her worth, her beauty, her definition and outlook of herself, rests on the foundation of the word and how God sees her

She is a reflection of her Creator, an expression of his love

She embodies the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit

I pray

Love is sown into the fabric her spirit, and draws you near-strengthening you like trees planted near rivers

Joy illuminates and sheds light into every corner of a man. Her presence is a must!

Her peace cocoons you, ushers you into a sanctuary of security. You’ll sleep well lying next to her. You can trust her

Patience is her grace and mercy towards you. She’s compassionate, and listens with understanding, but she is no fool. She’s not naïve. She senses the truth through gifts and honey-filled talk

Kindness and Gentleness is innate, a natural makeup of her femininity

Self-control protects her innocence, and keeps destructive words from rolling off her tongue

Life comes out of her.

I pray

A woman is truly a gift, one that I pray for

Prepare me oh God, in such a way that I am ready, that’ll be exactly what she’s praying for

Build a foundation in my life for her to feel safe and secure

Strengthen my walk and relationship with you that she may see a leader, bold and filled with confidence

I pray


An Open Letter to My Future Wife


To My Future Wife,


I penned this letter now instead of later, because I want to thank God in advance for you. I already know you’re going to be an amazing woman. You’re going to be exactly what I prayed for. And by the time I meet you, I’m going to be everything you need me to be. So whoever you are, wherever you are, here’s an open letter I want to send to you, for all to see. I know you’ll be a testimony of my patience. I hope that your heart to open to receive these words.


I know that you’re probably in another situation now. Maybe you’re trying to work things out with the guy you’re with. Maybe your heart is healing from a terrible breakup, one that you invested a great deal of your time and energy in. Perhaps there are some other personal issues going on in your life, that’s preventing you from walking into mine.  May be we just haven’t met. Whatever that’s going in your life, there’s no rush. God’s timing is perfect. We will grace each other eyes and touch each other’s heart. We will enjoy plenty of days and evenings together, whether conversing about life, laughing about something silly, or doing something we both enjoy. I want you to know, that wherever you are in life, I’m praying for you to experience wholeness. I want you to be complete and happy, full of joy before you meet me. I’m going to look at you as a compliment to my life—only to add to it—never to subtract or divide from it.


And you’re not the only who’s being prepared for marriage. While I’m waiting on you, God is shaping me into the man he wants me to be for you: A protector and a provider, a great communicator, and a spiritual leader. He also wants me to be a great lover, a man who can make love to the deepest parts of you, and who can also be intimate without physical touch.  He’s molding me into a man who’s transparent, and vulnerable–vulnerable enough to accept you in my life without reservation of being hurt. He’s building my trust in him, so I can fully trust you, my blessing.


I want to end this letter by saying: I look forward to developing a wonderful friendship with you: One that’s based on open and honest communication, trust and prayer. I look forward to learning everything about you. I want to know the woman behind closed doors that many seldom see. I want to know what’s inside your heart, because that’s where your true treasure lies. I want to know what’s in your spirit, because that’s where your true beauty lies. I want to know you before I propose to you.


Until we cross paths, don’t rush love. We’ll find each other soon. I know it. I can feel it. I’ll see you soon.


David Bradshaw,



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She Still Loves Him

In this scene of my novel, Jennifer is trying to move on with life without David.

“The live atmosphere of Sushi Tara was what Jennifer needed. It lifted her spirits this night. This was the third weekend in a row she hung out with her co-workers. They were doing a good job of pulling Jennifer out of the rut she was falling in. Men approached her for dates. She turned them all down. While David was absent, he still had her heart. He was like no other man she had ever met. He was gentle and kind, a romantic but not to the extreme. He had edge and balance to go along with great communication and understanding. He was the first man who made her feel safe and secure. He was also the first man who believed in her dreams. He was an inspiration to her.  He pushed her not give up, and she didn’t, because he wouldn’t let her. While Jennifer was chatting with her co-workers, she felt a light tap on her shoulder. And there was Samantha, towering over her in a tan riding jacket, red pants with suede patches inside the knees and a white shirt to match her brown high heel sandals.”


The Art of Thoughtfulness: A Man’s Guide to Moving a Woman’s Heart Pt. I


This mathematical formula may seem bizarre to you. You’re not the only one who sucked at math. I’m probably one of the worse math students of all time. Seriously. Seeing letters next to numbers terrifies me. Good riddance we’re only dealing with words here. The word ‘think’ in its literal form is to form an idea or a concept about something. This idea or concept is not seen; in fact it’s not a real thing, quite yet. ‘Do’ is a verb. Self-explanatory. When you combine an idea and a verb that equates to thoughtfulness. It is the result of tangible, real, physical results. Get my drift? Not yet, let’s take this formula and place it in a context of love, and how a woman interprets thoughtfulness. I’ll also give some examples of things you could do that are thoughtful.

A woman loves when a man does things for her without her asking him to do so. This is called thoughtfulness. Thoughtfulness communicates to her how much you think about her and mean to her. She interprets thoughtful acts as 1) You’re in tuned to her. 2) You care about her. 3) You really love her. 4) YOU’RE NOT THINKING ABOUT YOURSELF in the relationship. These reactions may seem ABCD simple to you. But trust me, women pay attention to what you think is insignificant.

In Pt. II, I’m going to offer a list of thoughtful things you can do to move a woman’s heart.